image of sewer cleaning on Black & Grey Water pageYour Black & Grey water tanks need special attention, in more ways than one.


From what toilet paper you use to hoses and wands to which chemicals to use.


There is a lot that goes into maintaining your sewer tanks in your RV.


All of your black and grey water needs are addressed here.


When working with your black and grey tanks, always try to make sure to avoid contact with your waste fluids.


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We have listed gloves to keep in your compartment for emptying your black water tank.






Specialty toilet paper for RV’s can be quite expensive, however it breaks down nicely. If you do choose to use regular toilet paper, do not flush it into your tanks, as it does not breakdown and cause huge amounts of clogging in your sewer.





Treatments for your sewer water tanks.





Portable Holding Tanks:





Hoses and Wands:












These slinky things are hose supports. Great for holding up your hoses at the exact length you need.

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Motorhome RV and Trailer Plumbing Black Water Slunky, Sewer Hose Support 20′




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