Wagons & Dollies are another useful item to bring along in your RV. They can make doing those jobs a little easier, whether it be grocery shopping, hauling water, or gathering firewood, you need a wagon or a dolly.

image of horse & wagon on wagons & dollies page

These little wagons came in handy for us while we were in Baja. We used ours for hauling water, firewood, groceries and when we went into town to do laundry.

Sometimes you will have to park quite a long way away from where you are shopping or doing laundry and instead of carrying everything in the heat of the day, this is where wagons & dollies come in handy!

Most of them are collapsible, so great for storing when not in use! Great for bringing along for a day at the beach as well.


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Here are some wagons for hauling all that stuff:







These dollies can do the same job and fold up nicely for storing. They are also built for the heavy duty jobs and can carry and manipulate heavier and bulkier loads.


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