On this page we have titled RV Bath Supplies & accessories, we have listed items to keep your RV bathroom organized. The bathroom in your RV is quite small, so we have listed some storage ideas and racks to help make it easier to organize it.

photo of small, clean, white bathroom for RV Bath Supplies & Accessories page

Always make sure to contain your bottles  and other bathroom items so that they are not loose and rolling around when you are in transit.

There is nothing worse than having to clean up broken bottles of shampoo or body wash after parking your rig for the night.

We keep a small bin in our shower and put all bottles in there when we get ready to move to our RV.

Places to put your toothbrushes and to hang towels can be quite a pain. With that in mind, we have included some towel racks & holders of all kinds.

We’ve included some fun items and cleaning supplies as well.


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Toothbrush and Shampoo Holders:





I thought the motion sensor lights for the toilet were a very cool idea!!! LOL!




Towel Racks and Collapsible Bins are essential in your RV bath supplies!




Need a new shower head for Your RV?




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Cleaners and Solutions for your RV Bath:

Always keep in mind you cannot flush regular toilet paper down the toilet in your RV. Specialty toilet paper made for RV’s can be quite expensive but it does break down in your black tank. Regular toilet paper does not break down and cause real problems. If you want to use regular toilet paper, make sure to put it in a trash receptacle. Be sure to add the chemicals to your system to not only help break up waste, but to keep the smell away.




Some other ideas you might be interested in!






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