Here are some stories of our excursions and mishaps that we titled, “Road Trip Stories.” Hope you enjoy them.


While travelling through the States to get to Mexico we would stop nightly and usually park in a Walmart parking lot. We would then go in and get permission from management to park for the night. It is a  common occurrence for RVers to overnight at Walmart, but it is good practice to gain permission first.

Driving on interstate 40 through Oklahoma, we discovered we had a flat tire on the car we were towing behind our RV. We didn’t feel it, we heard it while we were going under an underpass. It made a horrible racket.

We pulled over as far to the side as possible and got out to take a look.

It wasn’t two minutes later that a State Trooper pulled in behind us to see what the problem was. They do not like people pulled over on the interstate as it poses great risk to other drivers and truckers.

Upon seeing the flat tire, he asked if we had a spare. While John was digging the spare out of the trunk, the officer proceeded to the back of his cruiser to get his jack and wheel wrench. He didn’t wait for John, he took the flat tire off! When John brought out the spare tire the State Trooper proceeded to put it on the car, put the lug nuts back on and lowered the jack. He then wished us a safe journey and we were on our way! Can you believe it? It was an unbelievable moment for us, because we had never seen anything like it. It was amazing to us, still is!

I actually put a post on their Oklahoma State Trooper Facebook page thanking the officer who stopped to help us.


Texas Wind:

Going through Texas was quite an experience. On this day of travel it was incredibly windy. Not the kind of wind we are used to, but high velocity, sand-filled wind! We had slowed our speed down from our normal pace because the wind was wreaking havoc with the RV and trying to keep it on our side of the road was getting to be quite difficult. Thank god John decided to slow down, because after an especially large gust of wind hit, we heard a really loud crunching noise coming from outside the RV. I thought we had a flat tire on the RV, but when John checked in his mirror you’ll never guess what he saw!

The awning had unfurled and was flapping up against the side of the motorhome!! He pulled over immediately and that’s when the fun started.  It is so difficult to roll up your awning in high winds, you have no idea. There were times, hanging on to the strap while John tried to straighten the fabric, that my feet came off the ground and I was flying up in the air like I was parachuting!

After more than an hour and numerous attempts we finally got it to roll back up, but only half way. We tucked the rest in and secured it with cable ties until we could find somewhere to get out of the wind. We stopped at a rest area about 50 miles further up the road and pulled around the back using the building to break the wind and finally got the awning back in.

When we travel now, we always strap the awning closed so this doesn’t happen again.

Moral of the story: Don’t rely on just your clamps to hold your awning down in windy weather!


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