First Alert Bark Genie Review

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The Bark Genie from First Alert is an ultrasonic bark deterrent using high frequency sound waves to stop your dog from barking. When it detects a loud noise, like barking, it emits a high frequency sound burst that only dogs can hear. This abrubtly distracts the dog and stops the barking. It is a harmless and effective way to calm the dogs and curb that noisy barking.

It has three settings for range: Low for dogs close by, medium for about 25 feet, and high for up to 50 feet.

Do you have a neighbor who’s dog barks incessantly? Then, the bark genie is for you.

We have tried numerous devices to curb our dogs from barking and the Bark Genie was the one for us. Personally, I will not use shock collars as I think of it as torturing my babies.  I do not want to hurt them, just quiet them. Also, I do not care for the citronella scent, so putting a collar on my dog that sprays them with citronella every time they bark is not beneficial to me, besides being unkind to them. The Bark Genie is harmless to your pet and although they do not like the sound, it calms them and stops the barking.

When we were getting ready to travel to Baja California, Mexico we were very concerned about our small barking dogs, as we have four. We did not want to antagonise any neighbors we would be camped by or be asked to leave any RV parks because of the dogs being disruptive. We bought this machine and were amazed with the results.

When we first received ours, this is what I did.  When the dogs barked, I told them: “I’ll turn the thing on. No Barking!” and then I would turn it on. When they calmed I would turn it off. It took just 2 days for them to recognise it and learn what I meant. Now I don’t even have to turn it on. I just tell them I will, and they stop barking. They are a little afraid of the noise it emits, so they instantly stop barking. It is an amazing tool!!!

My advice  is that you don’t leave the device turned on, as your dogs may become immune to the sound.

Another problem you may encounter is that some dogs may become terrified of the sound the Bark Genie emits.


How It Works

Simply place the unit near where your dog will be, and turn it on. Place near the front or back door or even in the window. The Bark Genie Bark Deterrent is a perfect way to subdue dogs that bark constantly while their owners are away or when people come to visit or just walk by. some dogs may not be distracted by this device and may need ulterior training.  The Bark Genie comes with a quick start guide and a 1 year warranty.  It can stand alone, hang from a tree or be mounted on a wall.

We highly recommend this anti-barking device!

5 out of 5

Side note:

Whatever you do, do not order the one shaped like a house as it does not work, and is a complete waste of money! (our opinion)

Cheapest place to buy: Ebay for as low as $28.78

Also available at

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