image of cat and dog on Pet Supplies pageOn this page we have listed pet supplies for home and for travel.


We all like to bring our fur-babies along when travelling. Here are some Pet Supplies for your furry little friends, that may come in handy.


When travelling always make sure that your animals are comfortable and always have water at hand. The more comfortable and happy your babies are the better the trip will be, for everybody.


 Always be aware that there are ticks almost everywhere and most treatments only last for 3 months, so bring tick and flea treatments along.


Be sure to be on the lookout for snakes, scorpions, tarantulas and the like when travelling below the center States. These creatures are always a very real danger to your pets!!!


Have a problem with your dog barking? Look near the bottom of the page! 


I wrote an article on travelling internationally with your pets. To read the article about crossing international borders, by road,  Click here if you want some information on travelling with your pets.

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Do you have issues with your dog barking?

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Bringing a cat with you? Here are some ideas for you!


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