Outdoor Kitchen & BBQ

Outdoor kitchens BBQs are an integral part of the camping experience. We have listed some compact BBQ’s, as well as some ideas for setting up your outdoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchens are relatively easy to set up and keep all your outdoor cooking supplies all in one place.

If you think of any items that are not listed here and would help others set up their outdoor kitchen and BBQ area, contact us!

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You will need to store your BBQ when travelling, so compact is always better. You can get some very good, compact BBQ’s that will store nicely in the storage areas of your RV.





All-in-One Outdoor kitchens are becoming very popular and are a great idea for setting up your BBQ site. They set up simply and easily and keep all of your supplies close at hand, in one tidy area. They also fold up, for quick storage and do not take up a lot of room when packing up your RV.





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