Outdoor Patio Area

When considering your outdoor area, think about making it comfortable and cozy. You will be spending a lot more time outside than inside while on the road and having an outdoor living space is easy to attain. From having an outdoor kitchen to a closed in add-a-room, it is all possible and fun to plan.


Firstly, you would probably like to have an outdoor mat, made to weather the elements and easy to clean. This will also keep tracking debris into your RV or trailer down to a minimum. Whether you put a full mat covering the whole area under your awning or just a mat at the bottom of your stairs, this is a must have.

Next are comfy chairs. Make sure you pick chairs that can fold up and store safely under your RV while traveling and that you find comfortable. You may be spending a lot of time sitting outside while you are on the road and comfort is everything.

You will also need tables. Fold up tables come in all shapes and sizes and store neatly in the basement of RV. They come in handy for putting your drinks and food on, to tables that will hold your BBQ and accessories.

Planning your Outdoor Kitchen

When planning your outdoor kitchen, keep in mind the space it will take up when packing up. I highly recommend an outdoor kitchen setup as it will cut down on all the running in and out of the RV or trailer for everything you need when cooking outdoors. Everything is right there and within easy reach and stores amazingly well. These setups only take a few minutes and everything stays organized and can stay set up and in place until you decide to pack up and move. There are a lot of different setups and organizers, so pick the one that will suit your RV or trailer setup and you’re good to go!

Fire Pits

Fire pits, great for those nights on the beach or in the desert or just in your own backyard. Portable fire pits are a good item to have with you as some places will not let you start a fire directly on the ground and do not provide a pit for you. They can be very inexpensive and they come apart for easy cleaning and storage. You can find that some are just regular fire pits and others are propane and come with a small propane tank for those times when you don’t have access to firewood. also, always make sure to bring an axe and a shovel, they are must haves.

Add-A-Rooms & Screens

I can’t say enough about an add-a-room. These rooms are easy to install as they slide directly onto your awning and with a few fixtures and adjustments attach to your RV or trailer. They add so much living space to your outdoor area and make it a screened off oasis, keeping away the bugs while you enjoy your time outdoors. Some of these rooms are just screens, while some come with zip up vinyl flaps to keep the elements out on the days when the weather is not going your way.

If you are not interested in an add-a-room, then you will definitely need a screen.

These screens are made out of different materials and are very light and stow away taking up little space. These mesh screens slide right into your awning and allow you to keep your view, while giving you some privacy from your neighbors and provide a great sunblock.


Everyone likes a good outdoor game, but keep in mind that you have to stow it and carry it with you. Try to always have them in their own bags to make it easier to keep all their parts together and not floating all over your storage area. If your game does not come with a bag to store it in, you can find them at most hardware stores. There are numerous games to keep outdoor life fun and exciting with easy set up, but stow away should be always a priority.

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