photo of a fan in Vents & Fans & Heaters pageThere may come a time when you will need to replace vents & fans.

Maybe you need just a vent cover or need to replace just the screen? We can help with that!

The elements will take a toll on the covers for your vents and fans. The sun and salt will make them brittle and they can crack and crumble.


They do not have to be expensive to replace. Check out some of the deals we have found for you below!!!

For those chilly mornings when you don’t want to light your furnace you may possibly have need of a small space heater. We have listed some here that will surely interest you.


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Screening available for vents:




We’ve listed some small space heaters to take the chill out.




For quick repairs and sealant:

You should always keep some kind of patch and repair kits with you in your RV. You should have something to temporarily stop any leaks until you can take of the repairs permanently. We suggest the following:





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