image of an oil can on Lubes & Cleaners pageProper lubes and cleaners are very important for RV owners.

You must use the proper lubes and cleaners for the proper job. For instance, if your steps are full of salt and sand you don’t use WD40 to clean them as sand and salt will stick to it, hence making the problem worse instead of better.

For this issue, we would use a dry Teflon spray to rectify  the problem.

You will need to bring grease and lube for your RV, especially if you plan on spending time near the ocean or if you will be spending a fair amount of time in very dry, arid climates, like Arizona.


Below we’ve listed lubes and cleaners, waxes and polish that you find useful for your RV. Keep them with your tools and within easy reach and you’ll be ready for any maintenance that needs doing!

We’ve also added some grease guns, cleaning brushes, and awning cleaner as well. These will come in very handy, whether you’re on the road or at home!


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Grease guns:



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