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Travelling with your pets is always a great thing, but there will come times when that is not possible.


 We can’t always bring our fur-babies with us, and therefore need someone we can trust to take care of our house and/or pets while we’re gone.


We’ve listed a few sites here for House and Pet Sitters to take care of the important things.


When looking for sitters, always make sure of their credentials and double check the integrity of the company they represent.


Some companies will not have representatives in all areas or countries, so make sure your place of residence is within their target area.


Make sure to have all relevant information, for the house or pets written down for them and have all insurance papers and veterinary information readily available. Also list contact numbers for people you trust (family members or friends) just in case you cannot be reached in case of an emergency.


memo pad with pens on House and Pet Sitters pageList all daily procedures you usually go through with your pets…feeding timetables and the like, so that the transition will be easier on your pets as well as the sitter.


Leave names and pictures of your individual pets, so that your sitter can call them by name and have those reminders, in case they forget who is who.




If you have any others that you would like to see added to our site, please click here, to contact us  with the information and we will add them.


We have no affiliation to most of these sites and they are listed for information purposes only!


Housecarers Housesitting




#2) Trusted House Sitters at

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