We’ve added this page for laundry & accessories. A lot of RV’s and trailers now come with built in washer/dryer combos but some people aren’t lucky enough to have them.


photo of laundromat for laundry accessories page

Remember when using your onboard all-in-one washer/dryer combo that you read the instructions for laundry soap. You may need special detergent for some models.


Also keep in mind that they typically use steam to dry a load of laundry and can consume huge amounts of your water supply.


We advise that you wait until you are at a place that has full hookups and do not use your washer/dryer when boondocking.


On a different note, laundry hampers for your RV can be a little outside of the norm. Sometimes you have to be  creative with your indoor space!


We have also listed some alternative, compact laundry facilities that you can put in your RV. These items can be very helpful for those who do not want to waste the time or money locating and going to the laundry mat.

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Laundry Accessories such as baskets and clotheslines are always a must for your RV.




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washer combo on Laundry Accessories page

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We’ve listed a few items of interest, for those who don’t like to go to the laundry mat. Here are some portable models to take along if you have the storage capabilities.








Do you need to haul that laundry? Check out this page!!!