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On this page we’ve listed some kitchen organizers and space savers for you. Kitchen organization is very important in your RV or travel trailer.

You never seem to have enough room in your RV kitchen. You have to become a storage wizard to be able to fit everything you need to bring with you.

Hopefully some of these ideas for your kitchen organization will help!!!

Dish organizers and storage of your every day utensils can be quite a daunting task. Collapsible items and storage racks will become a necessity when outfitting your kitchen and planning kitchen organization.

Some RV’s have huge racks that slide out for kitchen storage, however ours does not. We have had to revert to some of the items below.

The more compact you can store your items, whether it’s kitchenware or other items, the better it will be.

“Command Hooks” of any kind including the ones for your brooms are highly advisable. They do not harm the walls of your RV and are easy to take down and move if you need to.

Make sure you get the heavy duty ones, because of all the shaking and moving your RV goes through the regular ones sometimes will not hold up.

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Just a quick note about the small cupboard tension bars. I have put some of these length ways in my cupboards and have hung my bottles of cleaning solutions on them by the handles. If you place them right, you can hang your Windex and Lysol etc. overtop of other cleaning supplies sitting on the shelf. Just a little trick I’ve picked up from other RVers that I thought I would share.


















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