3 people kayaking on teal colored water on Kayaks & Canoes pageWhen RVing, there’s nothing better than bringing your watercraft, whether it’s a kayak & canoe, boat, paddle board or raft.

This page is dedicated to small watercraft that you can bring with you.


Whether you’ll be camping by a river, lake or the ocean, you always want to be ready to go out on the water.


There are many different kinds of paddleboards, boats, kayaks & canoes, from original to inflatables and just as many variations of paddles.


red canoe at water's edge on Kayaks & Canoes page

There are also specialty canoes & kayaks made just for fishing. Keep in mind what are your interests are, and buy accordingly.


When travelling with your RV, space and towing is always a high priority. Why tow a large boat and trailer if you don’t need to?


Snowbirds especially need to be fully aware of their towing and load capacities. You can install racks and carriers right on your RV to accommodate your small watercraft.

There is nothing quite like travelling south, to another place, setting up your site and then heading out on the crystal clear water of the ocean in a kayak.


Getting to see the marine life first hand underneath you as you slowly paddle, is really something to experience. We bring our dogs out on our kayaks with us, and they just love it!!


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We have added links for a few great sites that are top in this field.


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Austin Canoe and Kayak 

They carry: kayaks, canoes, paddles, lifejackets, fishing equipment, racks and trailers, stand up paddle boards(SUP), and so much more!!!

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          Sea Eagle NeedleNose™ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board


Sea Eagle Sport Runabout Transom Boat

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Sea Eagle Fisherman's Dream Kit


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