A huge concern for RVers, hikers, campers and all outdoors enthusiasts alike is insect control!!

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Don’t let insects ruin your adventure. Do you need help controlling those pesky insects? We can help!

Repellents, zappers and screening as well as tips & tricks, we have it all here!

Here are a few tips that we have picked up, that may help to  control and stop insects from getting into your RV.


Pour Comet, Borax or even Baby powder around all your tires when parked. Insects do not like powder substances and will not cross this barrier. Make sure to reapply after it rains.


  • Keep your RV clean, sweep up food crumbs and eat fruit before it can attract fruit flies

  • Spiders hate citrus, so place citrus peels in corners

  • Spray your electrical cord with bug repellent and wrap it with double sided tape where it enters your RV

  • Put screens over your vents for the refrigerator, water heater and the furnace.

  • Keep your sink drains covered or plugged

  • Place a few dryer sheets inside of your cupboards. Insect are repulsed by the scent, so they stay away.

  • If you get  an ant or roach problem, use Borax or boric acid powder and sprinkle lines of it around your RV. Ants and/or cockroaches will carry the powder back to their nests, which may lead to eventually killing off the nest.

  • If you find a bee or hornets nest in your RV, spray it with really soapy water to kill the pests and then remove it.

  • No-See-Ums, midges  or gnats are a particular nasty pests. Adding small mesh screening can stop them from getting into your RV. They also do not like air conditioning. Using repellents with DEET is also another good measure. Skin-So-Soft bath oil from Avon is also a great deterrant for these pesky little insects.

  • Make sure the slide panel on your screen door is closed. There is a great item called RV Bug Stop  that closes it for you automatically. Available at most RV stores and RV centers.


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