The indoor space in your motorhome is limited, so storage and safety should always be a priority. Storage of items in bins, closets and cupboards can be an adjustment. Make sure that your items are secure and won’t roll around or pop out while your RV or trailer is moving. This can be quite dangerous and create huge messes if this happens while in transit. Here are a few tip that we follow:

  • Make sure of the size of your bins. You don’t want bins full of stuff sliding all over in cupboards or closets. They should fit snugly to lessen movement when going around corners or hitting bumps in the road.
  • Use tension rods to hold items in place. These little rods are a great plus for any RV or trailer. They will hold items in your fridge and storage areas to keep items from travelling around while you are on the move.
  • If you are doing a lot of road travel, use a bin do to your dishes in, and for quick wash-ups and dump the water outside. This will  to stop your grey water tank from filling too fast when you don’t have accessibility to a dump station.
  • Load up on bungee cords and ratchet straps or tie downs. We have a table & chairs in our RV, not the standard table and benches, so we bungee cord our chairs to the table before we start moving. You will find that you will need these, in all sizes, along your trip.
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