Teddy bear in bandages on Emergency Preparedness pagePlan your emergency preparedness around your research findings. When doing any kind of travelling, you must be prepared for any emergency.

Make sure to always research the area you will be visiting and plan accordingly.

All Rv’s and watercraft are mandated to have emergency kits. Make sure your rigs are up to code. You never know what can happen on the road.

The secret to any successful road trip is being prepared. Always be sure to have supplies on hand to treat any situation that develops.

If you are travelling with children and/or pets, you must take this into account when choosing what emergency supplies and medications to bring.

Always research doses as well, so that you will be ready and knowledgeable in a severe situation.  Have phone numbers readily available for poison control centers and other emergency centers you may need. 911 is not available in all areas or all countries.

If 911 is not available in the area you will be visiting, make sure you know the phone number to call in case of a crisis!

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Emergency Preparedness: In case of emergency, don’t forget your Oxygen!!


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When in an emergency situation always remember, “Do not Panic!!!” Panic can cause debilitating effects and can stunt your life saving efforts. In some instances, time is of the essence so be sure to keep a clear head.

It is always a good idea for all adults to be C.P.R. certified and there are courses available in every town for this. You never know when you’ll need it, and you may save someone’s life!