Tesla machine shooting blue sparks on Surge Protectors and Voltage Meters pageYou should always have surge protectors and voltage meters when you plug in at RV/ trailer parks.
Fluctuations in voltage and power surges can damage to the electrical circuits of your rig. They can even damage the appliances in your RV. Stay protected!
When plugging into electrical outlets at different sites, be aware that they are not all the same. Some are 15 amp, some are 30 up to 50 amp.
Some of these sites claim the wrong amperage and voltage. In some RV sites, their electrical power is not stable and this can cause surges or drops in electric power than can damage the circuits and/or appliances in your RV.
Some surges can damage components in your refrigerators and air conditioners and can also cause fires. These damages can be very costly to repair, so surge protectors and voltage meters are a must,  it’s always better to be safe than sorry!
It is also a good idea to have tire pressure monitors installed, so you can monitor your tires when travelling. In the bigger rigs, you will not always feel it when you have a flat tire, so to save on costly repairs to your rims, it’s your best bet to install some monitors.
In some instances, depending on what type of road you are travelling on, you will either have to put air in your tires, or take some out to save on wear and tear of your tires. tire pressure monitors are a great tool to have for this.
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