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It can be quite the dilemma when choosing batteries for your RV.

Most people are starting to use Lithium batteries over deep cell, but it can become quite expensive.

Lithium batteries last longer, do not weigh as much and take up less room. They can be drained farther and would be a great asset in your power banks.



If you are unsure and would like to research the difference between lithium and regular deep cell batteries, scroll down to the bottom of the page where we have put some links for you.


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Learn How to Recondition Your Batteries

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Researching: Lithium vs Deep Cell

When thinking of power for your rig, you may want to research deep cell vs lithium and purchase what is right for you. While deep cell are cheaper, they are heavier, drain quicker and require quite a lot of maintenance.


Lithium batteries can be very expensive, but well worth it in the end. They can drain further, are lighter, have a longer life span, and are generally lower maintenance.


There are quite a few sites that we found in our research that explain this in detail. Below, we have posted two of the best sites (in our opinion) that are the most informative.

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