An RV with an Add-A-Room attached on Add-A-Rooms page “Add-A-Rooms”  are a great addition for your RV/trailer/vehicle to add that extra, protected outdoor living space that you need.

Used with skirting, these screened rooms can be made quite insect proof. Attached right to your RV, it’s almost like a gazebo, but better.

Add-A-Rooms can be inexpensive or you can buy high end. Always make sure to get the proper measurements of your awning or the opening your room will be attached to and order accordingly.

The Add-A-Rooms are relatively easy, but take a bit time to install, with a few attachments for support bars on your RV/Trailer. The main attachment slides into the channel that runs down the length of your awning.

These rooms are an ideal way to enjoy the outdoors, while having sun, wind and rain protection and a desirable way to keep the insects away. They are an excellent way to still enjoy the outdoors in nasty weather.

Meant for staying more than a few days, we don’t set ours up if we’re staying for just a short time.

You can sit with the whole family and not have to worry about your pets getting away or your small children wandering off.

These screened rooms are not only made for big rigs. They are also available for travel trailers and even vehicles.

If you’re looking for just gazebos or screens, we have a page for that! Click Here!!!

I will post listing for sites ( no affiliation) for adding deck enclosures for trailers if you would like to get one custom built! Just waiting on permissions.

These sites can also give you some great information for measuring and materials available.

Here are a few models that may interest you:

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