Hi everyone, Kelly & John here and we would like to welcome you to our RV Accessories website and share a little about us.

RVing is a passion of ours and we are hoping to do it full time soon. We have done some extensive trips and some small weekend excursions as well.

Being from Northern Ontario, Canada with limited access to popular and necessary RV supplies, we had to really shop around extensively to find what we were looking for and almost always had to order products on line.

We have purchased quite a lot of RV supplies and accessories and we would like to simplify this process for others and give back to the RV community.

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Finding RV Accessories Made Easy

We recently went on a road trip that took us from North Eastern Ontario, Canada to Baja California Sur,  Mexico. It was this trip that made us realize some key issues, namely what we should have brought and what we brought but didn’t need.

We want to help new and experienced RVers find products they need from the initial outfitting of their RV’s or trailers to outfitting for those long extended trips. We want to provide easy access, instead of surfing all over the web for accessories, we would like to bring to you, our one stop shopping ideas.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below and we will be more than happy to help you out. We love to get feedback and hear any comments and/or suggestions you may have!

Do you have some stories from the road that you would like to share? Contact us here and we will post them for you!

All the best,

Kelly & John


Our partners:

We have recently become partners with the following companies:

eBay, Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, Rakuten, CJ, Impact, Pepperjam, Oxygen Plus, Noize, Relief Factor, Austin Canoe & Kayak and Bugatchi.

We would also like to welcome: Eagle Creek, Rapala’s, Bass Pro Shop and Cabela’s, RVT, RVShare, The Tackle Depot and Outdoorsy.

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